January 28, 2013

Show #210: The Braves Land Justin Upton

Was losing Prado worth it? Is the team better now? Worries about leadership void? And what to do at 3rd?



January 26, 2013

Braves Sell High on Prado to Acquire Justin Upton

Losing a quality thirdbaseman in Martin Prado is tough for the Braves.  The state of the thirdbase position in major league baseball isn’t great.  Prado would have given the Braves one of the best in the National League.  Throw in …

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January 09, 2013

Show #209: Questions Remain for Braves in Left and Third

The BP hat.  The crazy Bourn talk.  A platoon at 3rd and Left?  And the potential money at the trade deadline.



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