March 18, 2012

Show #175: The Braves Spring Training Turnaround

The winning begins, Chipper’s comments, the SS battle, and Kris Medlen.



March 12, 2012

Show #174: Braves Continue to Flounder

Too early to panic?  Is Bourn worth the money?  Is Hudson?  Is John Morosi right in his Fox Sports article?



March 08, 2012

Playoffs? You’re Talking About Playoffs?

With getting an extra hour of daylight starting this weekend and MLB camps in full swing, we’re ALL getting pumped about the Braves 2012 campaign.  So what better time to talk about the playoffs (insert Jim Mora voice here)?  I …

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March 05, 2012

Show #173: Braves Spring Training Games Start with a Thud

The expanded Wild Card, 1 hit + 9 home runs = bad start, Minor’s comments, McCann’s extension and Braun’s PED case.



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